Effective Data Use

In the effort to improve teaching and learning, state and local education agencies gather an overwhelming amount of data. The CA CC collaborates with the California Department of Education (CDE) and other statewide networks to: (1) turn that data into useful and accurate information for guiding, evaluating, and informing effective policy and practice; and (2) create structures and processes to share that information to inform decisions that improve teaching and learning outcomes. Specifically, the CA CC advises and assists in the use of data to inform work in several areas: school board decision-making; English learners, special education, and migrant education; school climate improvement; and family engagement.

Work Highlights

Effective Resource Alignment – Decision Trees

The Effective Resource Alignment – Decision Trees have migrated to the new CA CC website, found here.

Title III Accountability

California’s Title III accountability system, based on empirical data and ambitious yet reasonable goals, reflects CA CC’s collaboration with the CDE. Accountability is nested within a statewide infrastructure of technical assistance and self-assessment tools to help districts develop robust online improvement plans that feature root cause analyses, focused strategies, and implementation monitoring.