College & Career Readiness

Preparing students for success in college and career means strengthening linkages between the skills associated with a 21st century workforce and the structures and content of K–12 education systems. The CA CC assists the California Department of Education (CDE) and other statewide networks to develop and implement innovative models to create and enhance pathways — based on research and evidenced-based practices — to college and career. In addition, the CA CC facilitates the development of structures of support for college and career outreach, along with opportunities that bring together diverse stakeholders and promote effective models of practice.

Work Highlights

Elementary and Middle Grades Transition

Education practitioners and policymakers grapple with ways to ensure that students transition successfully from one school level to the next and graduate from high school. To better understand the factors that make transitions successful, the American Institutes for Research, as a partner in the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd, worked with staff from the California Department of Education to identify and gather information from schools with high graduation rates and their feeder schools. Two studies were conducted, one focusing on transitions into high school, and the other focusing on transitions into and out of elementary school. The two final reports below describe the studies’ methodologies, summarize the identified transitions strategies, and conclude with considerations for policy and practice.

California Algebra Forum

The California Algebra Forum is building a clear, cohesive, and consistent vision for mathematics in California by expanding capacity of the state’s technical assistance providers. The initiative, co-sponsored by the CDE, the CA CC, and the Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee of the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, includes symposium events and an ongoing, online professional learning community.

Secondary Literacy Summit Series

The CA CC collaborated with CDE, the Association of California School Administrators, the California Teachers Association, and the California State University Center on Advancement of Reading, convened thousands of educators over its 11 year history. The most recent Summit theme was “Linking Literacy to College and Career Readiness.” The goal of the Summit was to present a range of offerings on important issues in adolescent literacy, including California’s Common Core State Standards, disciplinary literacy, and literacies for the 21st century.