Productivity, Effectiveness, & Efficiency

Increased Capacity to Support Productivity, Effectiveness, and Efficiency

The CA CC is working with the California Department of Education to identify opportunities to improve the CDE’s productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness through retooling processes, leveraging technology, increasing knowledge through professional development, and improving use of available data.

Work Highlights

Federal Program Monitoring (FPM)

The CA CC is helping the CDE improve the process and increase efficiency of compliance monitoring of major federal and state programs. This includes working with FPM staff and its cross-agency stakeholder group to identify opportunities and design and implement changes that address efficiency and coordination issues and needs within the FPM system – potential updates to program instruments, especially item descriptions and instructions, as well as related evidence requests from CDE/FPM staff and Local Education Agencies using the system.

Organizational Planning and Change Facilitation

Organizational changes and realignment are being initiated at a rapid pace throughout the CDE. Employees are being asked to trouble-shoot new problems and provide new forms of technical assistance. They are expected to work across offices and branches, learn and apply emerging technologies, and communicate with field practitioners and co-workers in different ways. The CA CC provides facilitation, coaching, and professional development to assist CDE managers in conducting strategic planning processes, realigning their organizational structures, analyzing work practices, and implementing change.

Effective Resource Alignment – Decision Trees

The California Comprehensive Center created a collection of simple to follow decision trees to help educational leaders develop and execute plans to support student achievement. Through a series of simple questions this resource helps leaders navigate funding and planning rules associated with common improvement needs.