Helping California Prepare the Next Generation of School Administrators for Success

“I think we are bringing our administrator preparation up to standards now; it is a much more impactful approach.”

— Stakeholder involved in the preparation system revision


In 2012, a statewide task force released a report on educator excellence, recommending improvements to California’s school administrator preparation system. Since that time, the California Comprehensive Center (Center) has worked with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), along with a broad range of education and policy stakeholders, to complete a comprehensive revision of the system by modifying the policies, processes, and expectations that are central to administrator preparation in the state.

Center Support

Outcomes and Impact

California’s school administrator preparation system has been updated with current, evidence-based content and performance expectations, professional standards, and a two-tier program of preparation and induction with extensive, personalized professional learning and assessments, individual coaching, and targeted on-the-job experience. The newly revised administrator preparation programs and assessments are designed to ensure that the state’s new administrators will be the best prepared of any cohort in California history, ready to employ effective problem-solving techniques, model and support desired behaviors for staff and stakeholders, and move forward on equitable practices that increase student learning and well-being. Beginning in 2017, every educator preparing for administration will be touched by these improvement efforts and within five years an expected 9,800 new, highly-skilled administrators will comprise close to 40% of California’s school administrators.

Although early in full implementation, stakeholders are enthusiastic about concrete, positive results.