Accountability & Assessment

Design, Implement, and Support an Accountability System

The CA CC provides the California Department of Education and the State Board of Education (SBE) assistance to design, implement, and support an accountability system that provides a basis and recognition for local control, continuous improvement, and improvement for all students.

Work Highlights

Quality Schooling Framework (QSF) Introduction – Narrated PowerPoint

This narrated Power Point provides an introduction to the California Department of Education QSF website. It introduces the key elements of quality schooling and the purpose of the framework. It also explains the structure of the site and provides an overview of QSF resources.

Quality Schooling Framework Elements

The Quality Schooling Framework (QSF) is a web-based resource for all California schools and districts to use as they develop, implement, and monitor effective plans and systems to support student achievement. It includes definitions, research, and tools that educators can use to help students learn and thrive. The QSF draws from a large body of research to highlight 10 critical and interrelated elements of quality schooling.

When effectively addressed in a coordinated way, these 10 elements can serve as leverage points for creating and sustaining quality schools. The framework is not intended as the basis for a set of mandates or a checklist of do’s and don’ts. Instead, it is intended to serve as a lens educators can use to examine their schools systemically to gauge what is most likely to support student success.

  • Curriculum
  • Instruction
  • Assessment
  • Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Resource Alignment
  • Culture and Climate
  • Equity
  • Professional Learning
  • Family and Community Engagement

Common School Quality Indicators

An initial summary of common indicators that various states, districts, and organizations point to when referring to quality schooling.